On Monday July 27, Dave will become the only none-PBS channel to air the fantastic US comedy Parks and Recreation.

I am incredibly excited to announce that Dave will be, from July, airing one of my favourite TV comedies.

Parks and Recreation is finally coming to UK screens as a regular broadcast, as NBCUniversal have sealed a deal that the British audience finally deserve the brilliant comedy, that was first aired on BBC4 in 2014.

Steve North, General Manager for Dave added, “Parks and Recreation feels like it was written for Dave; the wit and humour fits perfectly on the channel.”

Seasons 4-7 (the only seasons currently signed to us of the 9 seasons available) will be available at the end of July, on Dave, and will also be available on UKTV’s on demand service, UKTV Play.

I cannot wait for you all to see it! To excite you all, here is one of my favourite compilation clips;