Disney films are all part of our childhood, the films have been being made since the 1940s and we always love to watch them back into our adulthood. Mainly because, especially for kids born in the eighties/nineties, we can finally understand the crude jokes. Though recently I have been watching the films back and realising how dark Disney can be sometimes. Here is my list of ten times that Disney became to real for kids to understand.

10. Toy Story – Sid’s Toys

Remember in the first Toy Story where Woody gets sort of kidnapped by the neighbourhood bully? Sid, the kid who has adopted Woody to make another one of his macabre collections, has a room that would have criminal profilers shout “Psychopath!” at the television screen. Even as a kid this part always made me feel uneasy, the toy that freaked me out the most was the cricket headed bug with a sort of macho man body. And also, famously, the baby with mechanical spider legs. *Shudders*


9. Fox and The Hound – Copper and Todd Fight

A fight scene that is almost as brutal as that on Watership Down. Todd and Copper, who were childhood bestfriends and constantly played together until Todd’s ‘owner’ left him to live in the wild. Copper grows up to be a hunter’s dog, and in the end they come to a big fight that is heartbreaking, as well as causing many people to want to ban foxhunting.


8. Up – Ellie Has A Miscarriage

Up is a relatively new Disney film, and one that I completely found the dark side of when I first watched it, unlike the rest of the films on this list. In years to come, kids who fell in love with this film will re-watch and realise what had happened to Ellie whilst she was in the doctor’s surgery. It’s dark, and hard hitting as Disney films are usually lovey-dovey animations where everything is always peachy keen. But Ellie’s miscarriage made up one of most real Disney films in existence, despite the story being about a man who travels via his house being carried by balloons.


7. Pinocchio – Jackass Transformation

This is, in a phrase, completely f**ked up. Apart from the film being about a puppet that comes to life (and if that isn’t horrifying enough then I don’t know what is), the freakiest part is where this young lad gets turned into a donkey. Let’s also add some of the script to add to the horror;

-And what might your name be?
-So you can talk…
-Yes sir…I wanna go home to my mama.
-Take him back he can still talk.


6. Hercules – Hercules vs Hades 

Apart from Hades being the sassiest Disney character ever, and Hercules being my favourite Disney film, it does have it’s dark moments. The aging soul pond-thing being the part that is pretty dark for kids, but if you want to tell the story of Hercules to it’s true form, you have to be dark.


5. Finding Nemo – Mother and Babies Die

Guess what? This isn’t the only mother death scene that’s going to be included in this list, but that comes later. Finding Nemo was a film that came out when I was just old enough to understand what happened to Nemo’s family, and even then I found it pretty dark. It was the first Disney film I saw where I understood what was truly happening, it was the first time I realised how dark Disney could be.


4. The Black Couldron – The Army Of The Dead

This whole film is messed up, whoever let this get past the animation stage and thought “Yeah, that’d be a great kids film” has some serious issues. I loved it as a kid, because I pretty much like macabre things – even since I was a kid, but my older brother couldn’t watch it. Not a lot of parents of kids I knew would let their kids watch it.


3. Dumbo – Pink Elephants On Parade

Watching this back, you’ve got to wonder if Dumbo really did just have a drink…


2. The Lion King – Scar Kills Mufasa

Disney loves killing off parents, and one of their more famous parent killings is the harrowing death of Mufasa, who is eventually killed by his brother. For any kid who saw this during the nineties is still scarred by it (no pun intended) and it’s still a sore subject. I didn’t want The Lion King until later on, and I can see why a lot of people take Mufasa’s death personally.


1. Bambi – Bambi’s Mother Is Killed

Definitely, for me, the saddest thing to have ever happened in a cartoon. I still cry whenever I see the scene, and even refused to watch it now when adding the clips in. Bambi’s mother’s death scarred me for life, and I still refuse to watch Bambi to this day.