All actors have to start somewhere, right? And it’s usually TV that gives them their start in a career. Here are a small list of actors that began their career by appearing in homes across the world, and falling into our hearts on the small screen.


– Every American Detective Programme You Can Name

You’ll mainly know Aaron Paul from the cult-hit series Breaking Bad, where he plays a drug addict and becomes part of the world of drug distribution. I’m aware that this is a TV show, but I’d like to chat about his small TV bits in Crime shows. You see, it seems that Aaron had quite the experience to play a criminal, in his younger days he’s played three different characters that are caught up in murder. Criminal Minds, being his more famous appearance. He has also been involved with CSI and CSI Miami.


– Parks and Recreation

Before being named as the next Harrison Ford, Chris Pratt played the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, and only finished the series this year. From being in a band called Scarecrow Boat, and having a three legged dog Chris Pratt is now more famous for fighting off aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, and keeping dinosaurs in the new Jurassic Park remake.


– Friends

So if you’re a fan of the hit show Friends, you’ll be very familiar with the show that brought Paul Rudd to our attention. Friends set up Paul Rudd to become one of Hollywoods most loved actors. He started off as our beloved Crap Bag but now he is starring in Marvel Epics, and becoming our modern day Ant Man.


– 3rd Rock From The Sun

Essentially a child actor, if my sources are correct Gordon-Levitt began making TV adverts for the likes of coco puffs and pop-tarts. But it wasn’t till his main character Tommy Solomon on Third Rock From The Sun did Joseph get a big break. Later on he would appear in 10 Things I Hate About You, and then go on to make a successful film career.


– Home And Away

Before he became Thor and one of the world’s most sought after actors, Chris Hemsworth appeared in a little Australian show called Home and Away. Hemsworth came from very small beginnings, appearing in an Aussie soap opera, to working with the likes of Anthony Hopkins, and now even having little action figures made of himself.