Third Rock From The Sun

Netflix is great for when you’ve been suggested a TV show to watch, it means that you can just binge watch it – and this week I’ve been binging on Third Rock From The Sun.

It’s a brilliant, and warped, American Sitcom, that can be loved by any age. I completely fell in love from the first episode, and managed to watch all six seasons within two weeks, it was a little slow at first because I was at work all last week, but seen as though it’s my week off I’ve been spending it wisley with Dick, Sally, Harry, and Tommy (do you get the name of males? Tom, Dick, and Harry? Ho Ho Ho)

The show follows four aliens, played by John Lithgow (the guy who bans dancing on Footloose), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (that guy from 500 days of summer), Kristen Johnston (she plays Wilma in the live action Flinstone films), and French Stewart (…?). The aliens take on human forms and study human activity whilst they live and learn as humans do. The foursome fall in love with the planet, though often get in trouble with their leader ‘The Big Head’ (who is later played by William Shatner). They meet partners, fall in love, fall out of love, learn about feelings, and hilariously manage to survive in their human forms, though they have no idea about human interaction, morals, feelings, or humans in general.

It’s really lovely, and so funny. It’s one of those old nineties sitcoms that America brought out and that the UK fell in love with. It also doesn’t count as a waste of time if you watch it on a loop, trust me.