Bob’s Burgers

Ok, so yes. If you have UK Netflix I’m not sure Bob’s Burger’s is available, I use a Google Chrome extension (Called Hola) which helps me access USA Netflix, I’m happy to help you out as it’s not illegal, if you would like to access it. Just follow me on Twitter @SamMightSay or email me at


Not so long ago I was scrolling through my Tumblr page and found so many Bob’s Burgers pictures and videos that would have me laughing hysterically, and once I found it on Netflix I was hooked.

Recently Netflix has added the fourth season, so this week I have been none stop watching Bob’s Burgers and it’s still as hilarious as it was during the 1st,2nd, and 3rd seasons. I love American Dad, and Family Guy, don’t get me wrong, but Bob’s Burger’s is so clever in it’s humour. It has you wondering who the hell your favourite character is, because they’re all so fantastic in their own ways.

Apart from Parks and Rec, it’s the only programme where a female is one of the more funnier characters, well two females; Tina and Linda. Personally, Linda is my favourite character by a square inch, but often it changes between each characters as to who my favourite is that episode. The stories are funny, and what’s more funny is the character’s reactions. Each character’s reaction can relate to a person’s personality, that’s why it’s so engaging and clever.

Bob’s Burgers is by far my favourite adult cartoon, after I finish the fourth season I know I’ll be going straight back to the first, and watching all the series straight through again. It’s timeless, and one of my favourite American imports.