I think everyone will agree here that on August 11th 2014, the world lost one of it’s greatest talents, and most extraordinary person.

was a master in comedy, his ad-libbing was always on top form, and he had everyone on the planet laughing until their ribs hurt.

Behind closed doors, though, Williams suffered from severe depression, alcoholism, and was a previous drug abuser.

A Channel 5 documentary recently showed the last hours of Williams’ life, and what it could have been that pushed him to the breaking point of suicide. Completely sober of drugs and alcohol, our Mrs Doubtfire, our Jack,  and our Adrian Cronauer, hung himself, after failing to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

In ‘Robin Williams; ’ we see an insight into Robin Williams’ health that the public never knew of, after his death it was revealed that he suffered from Parkinsons, and, unknown to Williams, he had began the early stages of dementia.

‘The Autopsy’ took a fascinating and sympathetic look into the last few hours of the world’s favourite comic, and it left viewers feeling emotional and humbled after learning about the difficult and confusing symptoms that Williams was living with.