Documentaries To Watch If You’re Interested In… Unsolved Mysteries

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Mysteries At The Museum 

Available on Youtube;

Also available on Netflix

Mysteries at the Museum is one of my favourite documentary series. Don Wildman hosts this fantastic series that delves into certain objects at museum’s around America, that hold mysteries. Each episode looks at four different pieces, that have pretty amazing stories behind them. From the NASA museum to USAs Crime Archive. It’s a brilliant seriously and completely interesting for everyone.


Titanic; The Ship That Never Sank

Available on Youtube;

I tend to watch conspiracy theory documentaries because I like to get everyone’s point of view of stories, and the Titanic sinking is one I have studied for a long time. The only theory I believe is that the captain stalled when the iceberg was seen, unsure of really what he should do – it’s been a proven fact in documents and statements taken from the time. But there are many documentaries out there that have other theories, and they are all extremely interesting. Please take a look, they are fascinating.


Dyatlov Pass Incident 

Available on Youtube;

My favourite unsolved mystery of all time is the Dyatlov Pass Incident, the incident has never been solved, and there is no simple explanation given to it. Unfortunately the only documentary I could find was the Yeti theory, though there are numerous posts on Tumblr, websites, and books written about theories as to what could have happened – even a film, called The Devil’s Pass. I’m not even sure of my own theory on what happened, I can’t piece together what could have happened to people whose tent was found with claw marks coming from the outside, whose bodies were found with high levels of radiation on them and who, when studied by a doctor, were regarded as having the same injuries another would have after being hit by a speeding car. Look it up and make your own decisions.


Black Dahlia: Mysteries and Scandals

Available on Youtube;

Hollywood’s biggest unsolved murder. If you ever do look this up, you WILL find photos of the crime scene, so if you’re a bit squeamish and don’t want to see a woman’s naked body cut in half I suggest you avoid photo posts. But everything you need to know is here. On July 29 1943 the beautiful Elizabeth Short fell victim to a gory attack, poor Elizabeth had dreams of becoming an actress, she had the looks, and the talent but before she could even start her career she was brutally murdered. The murder was never solved, and has been one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in history.


Weird, or What?

Available on Youtube;

Presented by the famous William Shatner, this is an odd series on strange goings on – it’s almost like every unsolved mystery, and more, you can think of condensed into a series. It’s pretty great, and William Shatner is a cheesy, but great host. It’s built like Mysteries Of The Museum, but a lot of the stories can be fantasy, conspiracy, or just urban myth. I’d urge you to watch it if you have enjoyed all of the other documentaries I have posted.



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