I found, that since talking about it, a lot of people find interesting (but tend to keep it on the DL), whether it be about , the Lochness monster, or the . The interest has been something that has sparked on for centuries, and  an often controversial subject, do they exist? Don’t they? Who knows. Personally, I don’t believe in most, if not all, of the creatures of folklore, but I find reading and watching about them extremely interesting.

WARNING – CONTAINS NO BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARIES (I can’t be the only one sick of hearing about it, right?)

Lost Tapes

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Lost Tapes is more of a mockumentary, which, you could say, most of these shows are – as there has never been real proof of a cryptid, you know, apart from grainy images which are often proven to be fake.

Lost Tapes is a series which looks at many different creatures from mythical tales, such as Skinwalkers, Werewolves, and Chupacabra, and it’s based around the idea of tapes that have been found by whomever of sightings of the picked cryptid for that episode. It’s more of an interesting way of looking at it if it was real, if this really happened, and mimicking real ‘found footage’ clips. It’s deeply interesting, but completely fake.


: The Body Found

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After much controversy after it was broadcast on Discovery Channel, ‘Mermaids: the Body Found’ was later outed as fake (duh?), but it still poses some great theories as to how mermaids could exist. After this ‘The Body Found’ was aired, many people began siding with the thought that mermaids could exist, considering we have only explored 2% of the ocean, and that animals we previously thought were extinct are being caught in modern times. I have to say, hand on heart, that before this documentary aired I assumed mermaids were just folklore, and all I knew of them were what I had seen on the Little Mermaid, but, and although I know this documentary is completely fake, I actually began researching and yes, a little part of me believes that mermaids could be out there. It’s interesting, and good for science and nature lovers too.


Search For The Mothman

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The Mothman is basically as it’s named, a giant man-like moth – and if that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will.

In this documentary, which IS actually a real-life documentary this time, we go on the hunt for one of the most famous, and mysterious, cryptids. He is so famous in his town of origin, Point Pleasant (West Virginia, USA), that he has a statue of himself erected. Folklore suggests that when you see the Mothman something devastating will occur, like when a bridge collapsed and killed numerous amounts of people – a week before there had been an uprise of sighting of the Mothman seen on that very bridge.

In this documentary you follow sightings of the Mothman, followed with interviews, and theories to suggest who or what the Mothman is.


; Believe It Or Not

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Now, not all of Ripley’s findings can be attributed to being cryptids – thought a majority of them are, and I couldn’t find another subject to but this fascinating documentary in.

If you’ve ever been to Blackpool, or London you will have most certainly seen a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, you may have even been inside – which, if you do see one, please go inside – they are fascinating! The museums are spread about across the US, but in Britain we only have two, the first of which was built in Blackpool. Ripley was a grand explorer and went all over the world to find the oddest things you could imagine. Little alien species, the Fiji mermaid, and a fish that was covered in hair (mental). There are numerous books, documentaries and museums to explore if you do find yourself interested in Ripley.


The Fairy Faith (In Search of Fairies)

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Irish folklore is my favourite, and often people don’t realise that it’s so much more than Leprechauns. I have numerous books on the folklore of , and whenever I’m in Dublin I always make sure to pick up anything I can find that researches ghost stories, or myths of Ireland.

Fairies are the most widespread belief in Ireland, especially many years ago when fairies were seen as evil, and as FACT. The belief in fairies even lead to death of a woman, when her husband believed she was possessed, and put her into the fire to smoke the fairy out, but as you can guess he burnt her alive. And guess what? He wasn’t charged with murder, because the police believed his fears and claims were enough to let him off with burning his mrs alive.