The Great Plague Of London

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One thing that can guarantee to put the shivers up anyone is the plague doctors of 1665, those creepy bird-like masks set off a great fear of masks (in general) for me. Many people have seen these masks and know exactly where they came from, the great plague of London, but a lot of people don’t know too much about that epidemic. The Great Plague Of London is a fantastic documentary to watch if you want to know the ins and outs of what happened in London during 1665, how it began, how it spread, and how it stopped. It’s a long one, but totally worth it.


Medieval Apocalypse; The Black Death

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ANOTHER PLAGUE DOCUMENTARY! Ok, I promise this is the last one. But my knowledge on great plague documentaries is vast, I’ve been interested in the subject since learning about it at school more than ten years ago. These are the two documentaries that will set aside facts that have managed to get tangled up together, a lot of people often get the European plague facts mixed up with the London plague, watch these two documentaries and you will become an oracle of plague deaths. This documentary follows the black death during the medieval age, which almost wiped out the whole of Europe. Another longy, but another goodie.


The Most Evil Woman in History – Bloody Mary

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Personally, I find that the Tudors are the most interesting of the British Monarchy. Bloody Mary was blood thirsty, she loved a good beheading, hence her title ‘Bloody Mary’. This documentary is a short 25 minutes on the life of Queen Mary, Henry IIV is constantly spoken about what he did for this country, and also the horrific acts he took on on two of his wives. But what often gets ignored is that his first daughter, Mary, was given power, and killed hundreds of people for very small injustices. If you want a short history on Queen Mary, then this is the one for you.

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Salem Witch Trial 

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If you have ever managed to read anything into the witch trials of Salem, or any witch trials in general, then you will know how saddening and unjustified this epidemic became. Salem, New England, USA, held the more famous of the witch trials. It saw tens of women accused of witch craft, and killed for evidence such as them owning a black cat, cooking in a cauldron, being old, and being ugly. It’s deeply interesting how the ‘mob mentality’ and fear of the devil managed to get to the breaking point of seeing innocent women being burnt alive.


The Pendle Witch Child

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If you’re more interested in English history, then here is a great documentary a child that was used to give evidence against ten of her family members, all of which were found guilty of witch craft and hung. The small child then grew up, obviously, and at 19 she was also accused of witch craft.

This documentary looks at how the occult and fear of it swept over Britain when James 1 was in power. It’s fascinating to see how it is said to began, and how it got to the point where a child was happy enough to give evidence against her own family, and being the main reason they were put to death.


The Baby Farm Killer

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This is one that was missed out on my ‘Documentaries to watch if you’re interested in True Crime’, but it also blends in with macabre history. Amelia Dyer was Britain’s most prolific female serial killer. She was under the guise of working as someone who looked after children during the Victorian era, she would kill the babies, and managed to get her killing toll up to 400+. It’s a pretty gruesome story, but also very interesting.

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Secrets of the Dead; Death On The Railroad

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57 skeletons were uncovered underneath an old railroad in Duffy’s Cut, for over a hundred of years the mysterious deaths of these 57 Irish immigrants has been disputed. At the time, hundreds and thousands Irish immigrants fled to America in search for the ‘American Dream’. The death was assumed to be from cholera, but it turns out to be a completely different story. I won’t spoil anything for you, but just let you watch it.


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