I’ve been a bit late in the game when it came to Park and Rec, and by late I mean whilst they’re filming the last series I spent three days in my pyjamas watching all the series that Netflix has to offer. I have no clue why it’s taken me so long to get around to watching it, but I’ve been glued to the laptop ever since the first episode began playing. To celebrate the show’s sad ending, I am compiling a piece on lessons that Parks and Recreation has taught all its viewers.


#1 Love isn’t about big gestures and unreal expectations


April and Andy were probably the most unconventional couple ever, but still they found each other and showed us that saying you love someone is nice, also saying “awesome sauce” is good too. They were opposites, I once saw someone describe them as ‘if a dog and a cat got married’, but it worked, through all of Andy’s small gestures, and April’s sweet sentiment of “I hate a lot of things, but I don’t hate you” we all learnt that love is love. Love is being happy getting married in your living room wearing a football jersey, it’s sending someone to get gas and them coming back with a cookie dinosaur cutter, it’s eating spaghetti from a frisbee and still feeling like the luckiest person alive. You want John Cusack stood outside your house with a boombox? Or Ross Geller coming to the airport to stop you leaving? No, you want a simple April and Andy relationship that’s totally awesome sauce.


#2 Always cherish your friends



Leslie and Ron are complete opposite ends of the scale, it’s almost like they come from different centuries, but still they have literally the most beautiful friendship. Leslie will do all she can to make Ron happy, and even though Ron hates most people he still will go out of his way to make Leslie happy.


#3 Food is great


It was something we always knew, but the passion Ron Swanson has for bacon and eggs moved me to only eat bacon and eggs whilst I was watching Parks and Rec, it was beautiful.


#4 Be as colourful as you can with compliments



Leslie Knope has the most beautiful compliments ever, and who doesn’t want to be called a beautiful tropical fish? No one that’s who!


#5 Treat Yo’ Self


See a dress you like but it’s a bit too expensive? Treat Yo Self

Want an extra slice of pizza? Treat Yo Self

Want to cancel plans so you can stay in and watch TV? TREAT. YO. SELF


#6 Embrace your inner child


If Andy Dwyer taught me anything, it was that being childish is really ok, so long as you don’t let your FBI agent alter-ego take over you and name your child after him.


#7 Everyone is Jerry Gurgich sometimes


And everyone has a Jerry in their life.

We all fail, make mistakes, and embarrass ourselves, it’s all part of being human. Maybe we don’t all have heart attacks induced by farting, but we all make stupid mistakes. Ripping our trousers, mixing up words, scaring fish away with our loud, personal stories.


#8 Don’t be ashamed to get excited about stupid stuff that you like


Been given an award for a chair you made at a woodwork convention?  Hell yes get excited about that shit.


#9 Every now and again, let your hair down, and have a good night

tumblr_miatxe71Ok1qh0vhjo1_500 tumblr_msbf57L9pM1rdh9azo1_500

And don’t even be slightly ashamed of YOSELF in the morning. If you go to a club where they have vodka soaked in cotton candy, eat it, and rub your hands in scotch hand cream. And dance


#10 Follow your dreams


If Knope and the people of Pawnee taught us anything, it was to follow your dreams and always stand by the people you love.


Goodnight folks.