No secret is it that your TV editor loves Eastenders, right? Well, it isn’t now.

Eastenders has been building up to this week for ten months, it’s live week and we finally get to find out who killed Lucy Beale… Who’s your money on?

It’s been a whirlwind for Eastenders fans whilst the build up to the 30th anniversary has been running us all ragged.

Rumours have been galore, Peggy is returning with Grant, Tanya is back, I even heard the Dirty Den will be making another return… All they have to do is dig him up from the cellar I suppose.

But the week has finally come for the soap fans, the biggest storyline since the Tram Crash in Coronation Street. Eastenders is going live for a week!

Hold onto your hats, and by the way – my money is on Abby.