Ah, right… yes. I bet you’re wondering why someone who boasts themselves as a music journalist is currently writing a ‘fangirl’ piece on everyone’s favourite cockney Moon, … Let me just write this piece, give it a chance, and let’s see how you feel afterwards, Ok? Ok.

On Saturday night I drove all the way to High Wycombe, I’m from Middlesbrough so it’s about a five hour drive, to see Shane Richie’s Dick, it was amazing, and long…. wait, I’ve just read that back. I mean, Shane Richie’s performance of Dick Whittington in Panto. And why did I drive that five hours? Only four months after I’ve passed my test? Well, to see Mr Richie of course!

In 2003 Shane Richie joined Eastenders as that lovable rogue Alfie Moon, I think I became fixated from then. I was nine… and when I first realised that Alfie had become a problem for me was when I dumped my first boyfriend for scribbling out Shane Richie’s face on my ‘I love Alfie Moon’ sticker. To be fair, that was vandalism and an early indicator of jealousy and a criminal life for that young boy.

Flushed Away, Minder, Eastenders, THE DAZ ADVERTS – some classic performances there where Mr Richie has managed to build up a fanbase. There’s even a woman driving around London with a car that has his face painted all over it! He’s beautiful, funny, the frontman of his own band (Shane Richie & the Prelude), and one of the most charasmatic performers I’ve ever seen.

I think my love for Shane Richie will be a lifelong thing, no matter how many people try to tell me there’s a 30 year age gap. He’s just the man, and I bloody hate that saying but he is, he’s mega, brilliant, and it’s only a matter of time till we get married… Guys, he threw cabbage in my face, I mean… that’s a sign, right?