In 2009 Channel Five released a revamped version of , which starred as Arthur Daley’s nephew, Archie Daley, and as Jamie Cartwright.

There was one series, ONE series. Six episodes, and after poor ratings it was announced that the show would be axed. What a joke.

You see, the thing is, Minder was a fantastic series, with a brilliant cast that had some great cameos in it, including the likes of  Josie Lawrence,  Jamie Foreman, and late great Rik Mayall.

Archie Daley was portrayed brilliantly by Shane Richie, a happy-go-lucky business man who took advantage of any situation he was, in his three pieces were sublime and on his desk he had a stuffed squirrel riding on a moped. What’s not to like? By all standards Archie shouldn’t have been so likeable, but with a great scripts, a lovable personality and that old spark that Richie gives to his roles, Archie Daley became a lovable rogue. A rough diamond.

Righteous, big-hearted, and undeniably cool, are just some of the words you could use to describe Jamie Cartwright. Lex Shrapnel did a brilliant job when it came to playing minder to whoever Archie pointed out to him. I think every woman in Britain would agree when I say, I wouldn’t mind Cartwright minding me.

So, getting back to my point… Minder (which is technically at season 11, as producers saw it as a revamp rather than a spin-off) should by all accounts be brought back.

It was a fantastic series, one I preferred to the original (controversial). It was fun, and exciting, it brought no disappointments to any original Minder fans that I have come across.

So Channel Five, sort it out would you?