Spoilers ahead!

I’ve seen this list compiled a millions times before, and never do I usually agree with it – and always the Joker has the top spot. Here is an alternative list of screen’s great psychopaths, watch the films and programmes, be prepared to get creeped out.

Benjamin Linus –

Linus was a late character to come into Lost, he was the leader of the ‘others’, that merry band of other island members that were either murderers or a great bunch of people – we never really found out.

I think we can all agree though that Ben Linus was, in a word, crazy. He was psychotic, controlling, he had these crazy bug eyes that made you feel very uncomfortable whenever he was given a close up. The writers of Lost did their best writing with Linus, his presence was eerie as soon as he entered the cult TV show, he was the master manipulator and someone who I wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with.


Robert Hansen –

This is based on the true story of an Anchorage town where murderer, Robert Hansen, hunted women after keeping them hostage for days. Some details have been exaggerated to make the film seem more creepy than it is, though the idea of a man literally hunting women in the woods is scary enough as it is.

Maybe it’s ’s portrayal, we’re used to seeing this actor as a lovable rouge in films like ‘Say Anything’ and ‘High Fidelity’, but trust me – he doesn’t hold any boom boxes over his head for girls in this film. Nope. He just holds girls hostage and tortures them. What could be more creepy than one of Hollywood’s most sweet looking actors playing a serial killer?


Seymour ‘Sy’ Parrish –

Want to know what’s creepier than a man dressed as a Scottish lady trying to see his kids? The answer is a man who stalks a family, double prints all of their photos and sticks them all over his wall.

To me this is what sets off from all the other great actors, he was sort of type-cast as a comedian, the funny goof in films, but One Hour Photo proves his diversity as he plays one of the creepiest characters I’ve ever come across. Sy Parrish made me skin crawl, his look, his voice, his mentality… I print my own photos now.


The Governor – The

The Walking Dead is a great programme, and one of it’s greatest characters was Phillip Blake a.k.a The Governor.

Since losing his family to the zombie apocalypse the Governor goes crazy, bat-shit crazy. He keeps his zombified daughter locked in a cupboard, he makes his own little village where he has zombie fights for entertainment, he’s basically a Nazi and his place of leadership is Woodbury.

David Morrissey portrays such a great psychopath, the Governor is someone who you want to like – and that’s what makes him dangerous, you want to trust him. He’s held up as a hero for a long time because of his help and building up of a town where he keeps the  out… or is he just keeping people in? An utter control freak, a killer, he’s the one psychopath on this list that I wouldn’t want to cross.


Hannibal Lector –

Hannibal Lector never gets a high enough place in Movie’s Greatest Psychopath’s lists, which is why he is number one on my list.

Hannibal Lector is the first fictitious character I came by that I was completely horrified by, films like the Exorcist and Silent Hill didn’t bother me too much, but Hannibal Lector got under your skin, he worried you even though he was locked inside a glass box within your television screen. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favourite films, purely because of ’ performance. His total screen time was 20 minutes and he still got an Oscar for his performance!