This film was a classic for the teenage girl when it came out back in 2004. We completely fall in love with Matt (Mark Ruffalo) and Jenna (Jennifer Garner).

The story is as it goes; 13 year old Jenna makes a wish to be 30, which comes true. She finds that she’s got a dream job, but also, she’s been a total bitch to get to the position, also helping in demolishing Poise (the magazine company she works for), so that she can get a better position at another glossy rag.

But 13 year old Jenna in this 30 year old body changes completely. She finds her high school best friend again and they fall in love. Everything’s rosy right? Nah.

Scene that makes you cry:

Matt turns Jenna down in this heart breaking scene on the day of his wedding, and while she’s crying and wishing him happiness, Mark Ruffalo delivers the line “I’ve always loved you.” Tears everywhere for a preteen girl.


This film got a lot bad reviews, and it’s sort of an acquired taste for Beatles fans; depending on which story of John Lennon’s childhood you believe.

Yoko Ono totally poo poo’d the whole thing.

Whichever way the story goes, one thing is always true. John Lennon’s mum got ran over by a car when Lennon was 17 and he was heartbroken.

Scene that makes you cry:

At Lennon’s mum’s funeral, he wallops Paul McCartney around the face, knocking him to the floor. Then after that, they hug onto each other tightly, crying together (McCartney’s mum also died when he was around 14).


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video of the scene that brings you to the brink of disaster tears – but here is a great clip of Charlie Chaplin (played by Robert Downey JR) telling a Nazi to piss off.

Anyway, it’s another biographical film, this time all completely true and based on Charlie’s autobiography. Now, although Chaplin had a life that only others could dream of, he did have his own turmoil. I mean he had what, four, maybe five marriages? At the age of 13 he had to send his mother into a mental institution, not to mention losing the love of his life, Hetty, to an illness.

Scene that makes you cry;

Charlie is in his old age, having to be rolled around in a wheel chair by his young wife. He’s nervous, he’s been reclusive for years, but he is receiving an Honorary Oscar, which is pretty big I hear. A montage of brilliant Charlie Chaplin clips are shown, which an audience in the seventies are still laughing at, despite Charlie believing that everyone hates him. Charlie cries with happiness and is completely blown away by how people are reacting to, as he described, “his silly old films”. Aw, Charlie.


Toy Story 3. Andy goes to college – it’s the end of an era for the kids who grew up watching Toy Story from the beginning.

I don’t even know if I need to say much more about the film, everyone knows how heart-breaking it is. HOW COULD ANDY JUST DO THAT TO WOODY?!

Scene that makes you cry;

Andy gives his beloved toys away to another kid, he has a play with them one last time before moving away to college.


In light of recent events, I think this definitely deserved the top spot, it’s become even more heart-breaking to watch, nearly unbearable.

This is the first film that ever made me cry, I was only a young kid and my God this film just took my heart out and ripped it into little tiny pieces.

It’s a film that is a complete surprise to you when it begins to get emotional. All the way through you’re just watching clown around as an imaginary best friend, hitting people with spades, having wacky hair do’s, and getting ran over by a fire engine. Then all of a sudden it turns dark, and really sad.

Scene that makes you cry;

Goodbye Fred. Finding that Snotface can’t take Fred back to the real world, it means a tear jerking goodbye.

“Kiss me, and say Drop Dead Fred” Boom, your childhood is shattered.