May contain spoilers – continue at your own risk!

If you’re anything like me you cannot last through a sad scene in a television series without . People dying, animals dying, weddings, births, first kisses, goodbyes – you name it I’ve cried at them all. But, even for someone as a big of a crier as me I can get surprised at things I never thought I’d cry at, if you’re a blubberer like me here is a list of television series that, surprisingly, will make you cry.

5.  – Ross and Rachel break up

The famous line ‘we were on a break!’ has echoed throughout every series in friends, but this is the scene where Ross and Rachel ended it all together.

I suppose anyone that has been through a hard break up can relate. It was just a sad scene overall, it was the end of Ross and Rachel, and if they couldn’t make it work then who could? My were with Rachel for her brutally honest line “then how come it is?”

 4. – Rose’s goodbye

I think there is a younger generation currently growing up that can all claim that the first time they cried at a television series was Dr Who, and it was this scene.

I’m not a huge Dr Who fan, but I’d watched all the episodes David Tennant was a part of, anyone who followed the series had their heart wrenched out when Rose and the Doctor said a teary farewell.

3. – Nanna Dies

Want to have your heart ripped up into pieces and scattered in a pile of broken glass?! Then go ahead and watch all the episodes of the Royle Family, fall in love with Nanna and then watch ‘The Queen of Sheba’.

This is the one that scarred me.

2. – Fry’s Dog

An animal death sadder than Marley (sorry for the spoiler, but hey, surely everyone knows he dies by now?), and it came from a cartoon. It’s like Bambi all over again.

 1. – Dr Cox loses three patients/JD’s farewell

Scrubs, for me, is always the winner when it comes to making me cry. Whether it’s George’s death, Carla’s final goodbye to Laverne, Turk and Carla finally get pregnant, or Ben’s death (lot of sad death’s on scrubs), Scrubs is guaranteed to make you cry until your dehydrated. And so, I picked my two biggest moments that had me weeping on the floor and swearing never to watch television again.

Dr Cox is your hard man, as every television series usual has. But losing three patients in a day due to rabies? It’s got to be tough going, especially when you were the one that, unknowingly, allowed all of the patient’s to get the infected organs they needed.

JD’s final leaving scene was one of happy tears for me, it was utter perfection and for me should have always just remained the last episode, ever, of Scrubs.